August Parish News


Services for August
Holy Communion each Thursday at 10.30
5th 10.0011.00 Family Service Informal Communion
12th 10.30 Morning Praise
15th 10.30 Pram Service
19th 10.30 Holy Communion
26th 9.15 Joint Service at Holy Trinity East Hyde(No service at St Andrew's)
29th 10.30 Pram Service

29th 2.30 Woodside Home Service
10.30 Holy Communion except August 23rd

2nd 10.00 Family Service &
Informal Communion

For all those villagers (and Councillors!) who missed the last service taken by Reverend David Bolster at St Andrew's you missed a memorable occasion. David was joined by musicians from St Andrew's and Slip End New Life Fellowship to play and sing some of his favourite hymns and to remember the last fourteen years. Although it was an extra long service the children all stayed in the Church and were rewarded with sweets and lollies. Many of them worked at the back of the Church during the service on their work sheets and the very little children played in the crèche with their parents looking on.
During the service David and Mary were interviewed by Roger Duncombe, Church Warden, on their time spent at Slip End. David did point out that they had, in fact, been in Slip End for fourteen years and not sixteen, as was printed last month - so felt that he still had two years to go! However, I don't think their new parish at Edmonton would be prepared to wait!
They were asked to give some of their best moments at the Parish and for David it was when we received the planning permission for the extension. For Mary it was the time we held a prayer meeting for Nick Crapnell, who had been part of the Church Family for many years and was loved by many. He had been diagnosed with cancer and had been having chemotherapy, which wasn't working After the prayer meeting Nick recovered enough to qualify and become a priest. A true miracle.
One of David's worst moments was on a journey from East Hyde to a Civic Service at St Andrews that the Mayor was attending when he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to organise the teas for after the event. Luckily Dorrie and her troupe of helpers saved the day.
Mary's worse moment was when David had a motorbike in Church! David also remembered the day that Nick died. Eileen had rung him and thankfully David was with him when he passed away. That day the P.C.C. had a meeting and were not convinced that the extension should go ahead but David stuck to his guns and eventually, his perseverance paid off. He remembered the very challenging and difficult times from 94 to 97 and some very sad deaths during the start of his time at St Andrew's.
One of Mary's lasting impressions would be sitting in the Vicarage Garden and the many plant sales that she has held there. Many villagers who did not attend Church came along, which pleased her greatly. She hopes that they will continue as a yearly event.
We also said goodbye to Vicki, our youth worker, who has been living at the Vicarage for a year and helping the young people of St Andrew's, East Hyde and St Mary's. She had learned a lot during her time in Slip End especially from the children and was pleased to hear her work would be continuing by another youth worker, Cheryl, coming from Ireland.
After the service many friends went to the Vicarage where we had a large family faith picnic. There was a lot to eat and drink and luckily the weather stayed fine for most of the afternoon. David was presented with an album of photographs and memories to remind him of his stay and was also given a large collage consisting of the present Sunday School Children (ZJB), leaders, future children and past children - lets hope he has a big spare wall on his new study. Many villagers called in to say their farewells and show their appreciation. We will surely miss David, Mary and Suzanne who have been a real part of the village and we wish them all a happy and rewarding life, which starts soon at Edmonton.

What it is to have talent on the doorstop! The speaker for our meeting was unable to attend but the evening wasn't at all spoilt. We had no speaker and rain to be seen to be believed, but were we downhearted? No! One of our every own members, Sue Martin bought the sunshine back into the hall. We were taught some tricks of the trade with flower arranging and watched as Sue created three lovely arrangements, to be won by three lucky raffle prize winners. Thank you Sue. I felt the competition winner from "Ode to Flowers" deserved a mention in as much as I would like to share it with you.

'Joy of a Garden'
Spring has sprung
Long days have begun
The climbing penstamon
The clusters of geraniums.
It gives such pleasure
In my times of leisure.
The globes of the allum
The height of the lupin
Suck a wonderful sight
To give me delight.
The shiny leaves of the hebe
The colours of the poppy
Time slips away
In this wonderful array.
(Kay McIroy)
Forthcoming meetings:-
August 21st - Thatching
September 18th - Birthday meeting
October 16th - Osteoporosis

We meet 3rd Tuesday in the month 7.30 - 10.00 At Collingswells Hall
Forthcoming Meetings
July 17th Flower Arranging
Aug 21st Thatching
Sept 18th Birthday meeting

A warm welcome awaits, see you there
Patricia Crick

Thank you to village friends and the Methodist Church for coming to our Strawberry Tea in July. £200 was raised for the roofing fund.
News from our Sunday School teachers - Lisa and David Richardson and Joanne Prowse:
We would like to thank all the children who participated in this years Sunday School Anniversary held on the 10th June. The theme was Gods Promise. The children presented this in the form of songs, poems, prayers and a sketch.
Also in June was the Circuit Youth Rally. It was a slightly different format this year with more participation from children and held in a barn in Shillington! There was a good turn out from Aley Green with 10 children and 3 adults. The service was followed by a picnic lunch and although it rained during the lunch break, we all enjoyed ourselves. Following the lunch was the traditional Barn Worship. This was open to the whole circuit and gave us all the chance to worship God in the open air.
The Sunday School do not have enough teachers to enable cover for holidays or work commitments. We must always have enough adults to comply with the Children's Charter. We are not looking for a fulltime teacher but ask anyone who is willing to help out on an ad-hoc basis to please contact David on 422301 - Thank you.
We have a lively Sunday School - why not come and join us after the holidays.
Sunday 9th September - Sunday School re-starts after the Summer holiday period.
Weekend 20 - 21st October - Next action weekend to be held in Luton for 11+years. Further details will be available nearer the time.

Dates for your diary
Saturday September 8th at 2.30p.m. Good as new sale
Sunday September 23rd 11.00a.m. Harvest Festival Service
Monday 24th September 7.30p.m. Auction of Harvest Goods for charity/
Saturday October 13th at 2.30p.m. Autumn Fayre (many stalls & teas)
Your in faith, Ann Meader & all at Aley Green

Have you any used men's shoes?
Joan Duncombe from St Andrew's Church has been asked by a Chiropodist who treats the feet of some homeless men, if she could find some cast-off men's shoes. So if you, or any men you know are about to put some shoes in the bin, think Joan. However, if the sole has come off and if it is badly letting water in, donate it to the Refuse Collection.

Tear off the used stamps from your mail
...and give them to Mary Barker. Her father steams them off and sells them to collectors. The proceeds are to St Andrew's Church funds.

Since last month when this magazine and the web site printed our cry for help we have been very busy. We have held our AGM and now have a full committee of new and old faces who are determined that we will survive our current money problems and still be here next year. Many thanks are due to our out-going committee particularly secretary Alison whose appeal for help has certainly got people thinking.
We had a stall at the school fete which we shared with the After School Club who very kindly let us have all the profits. The Playgroup children did a sponsored run round the playground next to the Village Hall. This has raised a good sum of money - parents and friends were most generous. We spent some of the money on our outing to Woodside Wild Fowl Park but the majority of it is now boosting our funds. The Plough at Woodside have given us a donation to our funds which is very much appreciated and we have had offers to run raffles from other local businesses. Everyone has been so good to us offering help, advice on where to go for grants and raising money for us. We are very grateful. Thank you to anyone who is helping us.

All this means we will still be here next term. We are not out of the woods yet but are feeling more positive about our chances of making it through.
We are making plans for next term's activities- thinking about Harvest, an Autumn walk in the park to collect far too many 'conkers' and, of course, Christmas. Some of our children are moving on to the Nursery, which we are sure they are well prepared for and will enjoy. We have some new children joining us in September, but we have room for more so if your child is over 2 years old and you would like to know more about what we do, please phone either Jill on 728865 or Sam on 410908 and make an appointment to visit us at the Village Hall in September.
if you don't use it
you will lose it!

Last month we joined in the fun at the school summer fair. The children enjoyed taking part in the fancy dress parade. Our stalls raised approximately £200 for Toddler Group funds. A big thank you to those who helped on the day and to everyone who baked cakes for us.
We would like to welcome Lynn Poulter who has kindly volunteered to come along on Tuesdays and help with our refreshments.
Each Tuesday of the Summer holidays we will be taking advantage of the good weather (!) by going on an outing. (Dates below). Meet at 12 o'clock and bring a picnic. We look forward to seeing you.

24th July: Horse & Carriage rides at Stockwood Park. Meet at the entrance to the museum.
31st July: St Albans lake. Meet at the tea rooms at Verulam Park.
7th August: Mead Open Farm. Meet in the car park
14th August: Harpenden Outdoor pool (weather permitting) Meet at the pool. Indoors if weather unsuitable.
21st August: Mini bus trip to Ruislip Lido and miniature railway. If you wish to come with us please contact Claire on 418195 as soon as possible.
28th August: Kite flying at Dunstable Downs. Meet at the tea rooms

Next terms toddler meetings will begin on 4th September. We meet at the village hall from 1.30 til 3.00 p.m. All babies / toddlers and parents / carers are most welcome.

A customer was bothering the waiter in a restaurant. First, he asked that the air conditioning be turned up because he was too hot, then he asked it be turned down cause he was too cold, and so on for about half an hour. Surprisingly, the waiter was very patient; he walked back and forth and never once got angry. So finally, a second customer asked him why he didn't throw out the customer out of the restaurant. "Oh, I really don't care or mind," said the waiter with a smile. "We don't even have an air conditioner."
When the waitress in a New York City restaurant brought the customer the soup du jour, the man was a bit dismayed. "Good heavens," he said, "what is this?"
"Why, it's bean soup," she replied.
"I don't care what it has been," he sputtered. "What is it now?"

Two friends went into a diner and ordered two drinks. While waiting for their drinks, they reached into their briefcases, pulled out their sandwiches and started to eat. The waiter became quite concerned and marched over and told them, "You can't eat your own sandwiches in here!"
The two friends looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and then exchanged sandwiches.
For the Women

Sally asked her boyfriend, "Darling, if we get engaged will you give me a ring?"

"Sure," he replied. "What's your phone number?"

For the Women

To be happy with a man you must understand him a lot and love him a little.

For the Men

To be happy with a woman you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.

We thank Christine Benson for her research and reply to our letter Parish News April 2001.

We are heartened that, all Parish News readers and Slip End web site visitors are now privy to priorities at this junction, however how long before the remaining 553/4 million of UK residents are invited to our select group?
PS Muriel - no input to PN last month, we missed your usual lively letter, looking forward to the next issue.
Rob & Sue Cardy

Sorry folks - no news from Muriel this month either. Hope you'll be back in earnest next month Muriel - Editor.

Continued from last month:

Although environmental issues such as climate change, rising sea levels and flooding can sometimes seem too large and remote to affect us as individuals, we can all make a difference by changing the way we carry out our daily actions around the home. Just try turning off the lights when they're not needed or using the car less - you can help - especially when your actions are combined with those of millions of others.

The Lounge
Turn down your heating thermostat by just 1° and you can save £15 - £30 on your bill
Remember - switch TV on/off button properly. Every UK house wastes approx £20 year from using standby.
Making a cup of tea - if you boil just enough (rather than filling the kettle) you save enough energy in a week to light a house for a day!

The Kitchen
When buying new kitchen appliances - remember an'A' rated model uses half the energy of a 'G'model
Washing your clothes? Always wait till you have a full load. Get the kids to wash up in a bowl or sink using the plug.
If you need a few bits walk to the local shops not for the car keys.
When shopping look for recycled items (for more info call 0870 122 6236 for a Hi! I'm Green leaflet)

The Bathroom
Showers use two to three times less water than a bath.
Don't leave the tap running when brushing your teeth.
Use a water saving device in the loo. (a third of the average family's water is flushed away)
To get you 'are you doing your bit Water Hog' call 0845 786 8686

The Bedroom
As before - turn down the thermostat by 1° Switch off the computer, stereo, TV by the switch.
If the children use lots of computer paper, writing paper and papers for studying take them along to the paper recycling bins at supermarkets and council tips.
Walk the kids to school instead of driving
Heavy lined curtains in the bedroom will keep the heat in

Mervyn - any update on your cans for books, we don't seem to have heard lately? Are you getting plenty of contributions these days?

Dear Friends,
Attendance at our meeting on the 2 July was very good. It is gratifying to see more people interested in the 'goings on' at Parish Council. Apologies for absence were Cllrs. Mike Kirkbright and Betty Sentinella. Both were on holiday.
County Cllr. Richard Stay told us about the Beds. CC. Community Fund for 2001. You may recall last years Council Millennium Fund was popular. Quite a few groups within the Parish benefited from the Grant. You may apply for an application form by telephoning Alan Millberry on 01234 228242, Closing date for applications is Friday 31.08.01. So get busy.
I see from the Crime Figures for Slip End that during May there were 3 Burglaries, 5 Thefts from Motor Vehicles, and 4 miscellaneous crimes, these include assault, actual bodily harm, malicious offensive calls and 1 Stalking without fear or violence. During June there was 1 criminal damage, outside St. Andrews Church and 1 Theft from Motor Vehicle in Slip End. For Woodside and Pepperstock during that time period no crimes were reported. This does not mean that we can curtail our vigilance in reporting crimes, no matter who insignificant they may seem.
The situation at the Junction of the A5/B4540 has still not been resolved and we are awaiting a reply to our letter to Messrs. Thorburn Colquhoun.
Playdale, who will be installing the new play equipment in the Crawley Playground have been in contact. They apologise for the delay in installation of the new equipment but promise that they will be starting sometime about 20 July. It may be that the playground will have to be closed for three or four days, but the equipment will be in full use by the end of the month. Just as well, as the school holidays will have started by then.
It is the Parish Councils intention to make everyone aware of the price we pay for vandalism. In future, whenever a sum of money is paid out to repair vandalism, the amount will be reported in the Parish News. We hope tresidents will be made aware of how much council tax money (your money and mine) gets wasted just repairing vandalism and damage. We are also currently discussing a policy on how we deal with untaxed and abandoned cars within the Parish in conjunction with South Beds. D.C and the police.
Here is a report on proceedings of the airport consultative committee held on the 25-6-01, by Cllr. Mike Kirkbright who attended on behalf of the Beds. Assoc. Town & Parish Councils.
'The present Vice Chairman is due to retire and Cllr. R Stay proposed: outcome to be decided at AGM in September.
Argument to split 50/50 lines between Olney 1B and Olney 1L, both pass over Pepperstock between noise monitors at Grove Farm and Pepsal End Lane.
Advice from independent was experts that 1B is safer to fly, confirming Luton Airports view. Trial Route (R.Nav. Sid) which flies directly over centre of Slip End and previously used only by Monarch Airlines. London Luton Airpoet (LLA) to extend trial and to include Britannia Airways. LLA refused to delay any further and 1 year trial will commence in September. LLA have agreed (at Cllr. Stays suggestion) to hold briefing meetings with residents in those villages most affected - Slip End being one, hopefully before start of trial. Noise experts consider increase in the order of 6 to 7 decibels over Slip End. There is a strong view by some members that this route may eventually become the standard departure taking over from Olney 1B.'
I also intend to have a complete Parish 'walkabout' with Beds. CC. Roads Officer Mr Chris Clark shortly. Can you also let me know of any leaking water mains, as we have the telephone. number of "the man" from 3 Valleys Water who is responsible for our area.
There being nothing left to report, I bid you goodbye for now and hope to see some of you at our next Parish Council Meeting.
Christine Benson.
Chairman. Slip End Parish Council.

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